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LD Group offers the full range of accomplishment and planting services:

Working out of landscape architectural conception;

Developing of the script;

Projecting and engineering;

Running of the architectural supervision;

Warranty service;

Landscape servicing;

Stages of the project development:

Preliminary projection: designer’s departure, consulting, garden planning discusion;

Geodesic survey of topographical area’s plan;

For-project (draft offer), general plan;

Plan of paving;

Vertical planning project, plan of the relief organization, drenage project;

Dendrological project with elaboration of all landscape groups;

Watering project;

Scheme of the lighting device location;

Development of the ornamental garden lighting script;

Elaboration of different landscape elements (scheme of paths, arrangement of vacation spots, sports, children's playgrounds, flower and rocky gardens etc.;

Working drawings of the planned ponds;

Desing of the small architectural elements (summerhouses, pergolas etc.);

Making of the design financial estimates.

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